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6th January 2017


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25th October 2016


Shows not to miss this March!

5th March 2016

Top Rated Premieres in 2019

Recent Episode: S1 E10

The Umbrella Academy

Recent Episode: S1 E10

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Russian Doll

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Sons of Anarchy

"Binged 7 Seasons... Now want to buy a Harley!!"


This show had me hooked from the first episode. Although very loosely based on Shakespeare's Hamlet this show has you gripped on the edge of your seat…

16/04/2018 (18:36)

Designated Survivor

"A 24 style show with a twist..."


This show absolutely checks all the right boxes for a mid week show for me. There are similarities to the "24" show with regards to theme, editing and…

25/05/2017 (18:03)




what can i say bloody and realistic

07/05/2017 (10:32)

The Lone Gunmen

"what a show"


don't forget the episode about the plans hitting the wtc

07/05/2017 (10:31)