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A young couple in Modesto, California were brutally attacked in their home leaving Matt Skokie, a war vet, murdered, and his wife, Gwen, unconscious, barely hanging on. The crime sends shock waves throughout the community stirring up tensions across socioeconomic and racial lines - from the points of view of all those involved.


Episode 10
May 14, 2017
Episode 9
May 07, 2017
Episode 8
April 30, 2017
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3 Seasons

Season 3
Episodes 10
Season 2
Episodes 10
Season 1
Episodes 11

Current Cast

Barb Hanlon
Felicity Huffman
Russ Skokie
Timothy Hutton
Tom Carlin
W. Earl Brown
Hector Tontz
Richard Cabral
Aubry Taylor
Caitlin Gerard
Alonzo Gutiérrez
Benito Martinez
Eve Carlin
Penelope Ann Miller
No image
Carter Nix
Elvis Nolasco
No image
Tony Gutiérrez
Johnny Ortiz